Sunday, January 23, 2011

When I Don't Measure Up

As Lysa shared her Super Mom Brownie Failure in week one of this study,  I caught myself thinking "Oh, that's a cute story. . . BUT at least you wanted to be a super brownie mom." My contribution has always been to show up and buy the brownies not make the brownies. And if that's the worst you've ever done as a mom, then I got you beat!!

Then God began to show me. . .

Not only am I guilty of measuring my accomplishments and finding them to be TINY in comparison. I am also guilty of measuring my failures and thinking how HUGE they are in comparison.

I shared this thought with my sweet hubby and the words he said to me flew off his lips like he didn't even have to think about it. Which caught me off guard because it has been such a hard lesson to learn for me.

He said,  "You WON'T ever be happy doing THAT!"

Well, duh!!  That's the point.

I cannot even begin to tell you what a "joy stealer" this has been in my life.

I like the verse Lysa shared from Proverbs 24:16 " For though a righteous woman falls seven times, she rises again, but the wicked are brought down by clamity." (emphasis mine)

Not only can a righteous woman fall, but she can fall seven times. . . and still be called righteous.

Well, I sure have fallen, not just once, or twice, and if the truth be known, way more than seven times. But I keep getting back up and trying again. I guess that is what makes the difference.

I will never be a failure as long as I keep getting back up. And I see my circumstances and shortcomings as a call to action.

Becoming more than just a good bible study girl means seperating my shortcomings from my identity and let Jesus be the only measure of my worth.

Now I say, "You CAN be happy doing THAT!"